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FEES (2023)

Junior (10-15yo) - $15

Adult (single) - $30

Couple - $55

Family of 3 - $70

Family of 4 or more - $20 ea


Membership Forms can be obtained at our Observatory/Clubsite on any visit, or can be requested to be sent by email.


All Payments can be made in Cash, Electronic Transfer, or direct deposit to our Club Bank Account.  

The benefits of membership, apart from the obvious friendship, is the ability to observe the night sky with more experienced amateur Astronomers willing to help newcomers, and to share knowledge with other Amateur Astronomers.

Experienced Observers and Astrophotographers are more than happy to give assistance and advice on different telescopes and accessories when newcomers wish to purchase such items and can give tips on better viewing and Astrophotography techniques.

Experienced observers can also help with information on observing essentials like Red-LED torches, reading Sky Maps, correct warm clothing, etc.

Members are entitled to borrow from the SVAA Library, which enables you to borrow Telescopes, Eyepieces, Astro Books, Astro Magazines and any other Astro accessories as the library grows, for up to one month at a time.

This makes membership very cheap as Telescopes, eyepieces and accessories in the library are very expensive items to purchase, but are free for members to use.

Magazines and books can be borrowed immediately. Eyepieces and Telescopes will be able to be borrowed after a period of 3 months membership, but can be used in the meantime at the Clubsite.

On Club nights members are not expected to stay all night until the wee hours. Feel free to come and go as you please.

The whole point of Astronomy is to enjoy the experience, not force yourself to 'hang in there' waiting for that elusive Galaxy to rear its head.

Feel comfortable to ask the more experienced members anything. We are all here to share our hobby.

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