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Snake Valley is nestled between Ballarat and Beaufort in Western Victoria, Australia.

We are fortunate to have very dark country sky, which makes our viewing nights quite spectacular.

We meet & observe as a group each month from 7:30pm, and visitors are made welcome.

Financial Members have access at all times.

General Public wanting to visit on other nights please call: 0418 425 207.

We are located at 825 Linton-Carngham Road, Snake Valley.

The Clubroom is very comfortable and helps take the chill out on those very cold 'country air' nights.

Come along, observe, relax, have a cuppa, and feel welcome.

We have a library for members to use containing Astronomy books, magazines, Telescopes and Telescope accessories. We also enjoy helping beginners, and we conduct Astronomy programs for local schools.

To take advantage of our position away from city glare, we can also hold 'Snake Valley Astronomy Nights' for Private Group Bookings (fees apply).

Please browse through this site and keep up with the latest SVAA news, dates of observing nights, photos of members' equipment, and how to be a part of our great Astronomy Association.

SVAA becomes a member of the Australian Dark Sky Register

On 30th August 2015 the Snake Valley Astronomical Association was granted membership and recognised as an Australian Dark Sky Site with a GOLD level rating (suitable for Deep Sky Observing and Astrophotography).

Our application criteria was fulfilled by our Level 3 dark sky, the further reduction of glare from the towns streetlights by the old pot plant lights being replaced with fully shielded LED lights and a proposal registered with the Pyrenees Shire to restrict all future town lighting to fully shielded LED's.

We were notified by the ADSR (Australian Dark Sky Register) that we were the first member registered with them.

The town of Snake Valley also applied and recieved GOLD level membership at the same time thanks to the efforts of the Snake Valley Progress Association.

The ADSR is a great idea for people looking for dark sky sites nearest to where they live.

Here is a link to the Australian Dark Sky Register: australiandarkskyregister.com

Main background image - Antlia Galaxy Cluster by Ken James

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